A promising 2019 Kaweah River season.

As 2019 rolls in the rafting season is looking better and better. We started with a banner snow pack for April 1st average. Then we have had cool weather on and off followed by late May snow storms. The 2019 season will be one for the record books. We will be running trips into the month of August with clear, cool river flows late into the season. Meanwhile, the whitewater right now is outstanding! The Kaweah River flowing out of Sequoia National Park has been a medium high flow of 2500 to 3500 cubic feet per sec for the last month and a half! These measurements are from the gauge in the town of Three Rivers and give us the most accurate flow measurement for our rafting run that we can get. More info can be found at The Kaweah River Page.

The season is upon us and the snow pack is outstanding!

The 2019 season on the Kaweah River is in full swing and we are running rafting trips daily. About a three and half hour drive from Los Angeles, the Kaweah River offers thrilling whitewater combined with amazing views of the the snow-capped Sierra Nevada mountains. Combine your rafting trip with a visit to Sequoia National Park for an outstanding combo vacation. Three Rivers California offers so much beauty and opportunity for the outdoor enthusiast, it is a must for the adventure inclined. With river-side camping and multiple hotels or Airbnb rentals to choose from, you can relax and enjoy your time off from the busy, day to day bustle. Allow Mountain Descents to show you the thrill of some of California’s most exciting whitewater rafting. Don’t miss out on this amazing spring time jewel of a river!