Q: Why should I raft with Mountain Descents?

A: Mountain Descents was started in 2016, built on a wealth of knowledge from well over twenty years of professional rafting experience. Twenty of those years spent working the spring and early summer season on the Kaweah River. This also includes experience rafting in California, Southern Oregon, Idaho, Arizona and Costa Rica. Rafting becomes a passion and a way of life and the guides at Mountain Descents take this philosophy to its fullest extent. We love what we do and our passion is to provide safe, professional trips while giving you the experience of a lifetime. All of our guides have chosen river running as a way of life and it shows in the level of skill, care and enthusiasm that they bring to each trip. All of our guides are First Aid and CPR certified and many have chosen to get Wilderness First Responder and Swift Water Rescue certifications as well.

Q: Is the trip safe?

A: While there is always inherit risk with any adventure activity, choosing an outfitter that has trained and experienced guides with up-to-date equipment is the key. It minimizes risk while giving you the greatest fun factor. Remember, too, that the Kaweah river is a wild river with many rocks and varying currents. Your guide is there to help keep you in the boat and direct you away from hazards. It is your responsibility to act on instructions provided by your guide. Make sure when booking your trip that you adhere to the age restrictions and suggested experience guidelines.

Q: Do I need to have rafting experience?

A: For the Class 3 Fun Run and the Intermediate Class 4 you do not need any prior rafting experience. Our guides are very familiar with the river and are quite comfortable training their crew in the finer points of sitting in the boat and paddling through rapids. For the Advanced Class 4 and the Full River trip it is recommended that you have some rafting experience, that being said we have taken many adventurous first timers down these runs and they have had the time of their lives. All trips begin with a detailed safety orientation and paddle instruction. River flows can make a difference in what trip you might want to book. If in doubt don’t hesitate to call and ask for guidance.

Q: Do I need to know how to swim?

A: Everyone will be wearing a personal flotation devise at all times while on and around the river. On our class 3 trips swimming ability is not required. On any class 4 river the ability to swim is highly recommended. On the Advanced Class 4 strong swimming ability is a must, particularly at higher flows.

Q: What if it’s cold and raining?

A: Rain or shine we go. As long as we dress appropriately, rafting in the rain can be just as fun as on a warm sunny day. We provide neoprene wetsuits and paddle jackets just for this purpose. The best part of our season is in the spring when foothill weather can be unpredictable. We will advise you on what to bring as far as extra layers, if we think that the weather may be on the cooler side.

Q: Can you accommodate my medical condition?

A: Please reconsider your decision to come rafting if you have heart, lung or back problems, asthma (cold water is a severe hindrance to breathing), brain surgery, obesity, or osteoporosis or any bone weakening disease. Most other medical problems can be accommodated, but you will be responsible for your own medication. We will not supply any medication including aspirin. Of course to be sure, please call us beforehand to make sure.

Q: How close are you to Sequoia National Park?

A: We are located about five miles from the Park entrance. Our upper river put-in is less then a quarter mile from the entrance to Sequoia National Park. The town of Three Rivers is a beautiful foothill town that has camping, vacation rentals, and hotels to suit your needs.